Radiocofani primary school

Radicofani (SI) - IT

The building is located in the central area of the site, set back from the main road.

It has a long front facing the panorama, composed in its entirety of a single body divided into two secondary volumes joined by a central glazed atrium. In addition to its functional purpose of serving as a filter between inside and outside, this space is a feature that accompanies the natural flow of people entering the school.

The choice of a roof with hanging greenery is a key factor because it provides natural insulation with a low environmental impact and significantly reduces visual impact.

The highly insulating glass windows, free of any visual impediment, reinforce the desired relationship between inside and outside and guarantee thermal comfort in all seasons.

PROJECT TEAM Arch. Andrea Arlanch
Arch. Aleardo Arenosto
TYPOLOGYAccommodation – School – Competition
PHASESConcept Design