Andrea Arlanch

Recreating order and balance in everything - from sand tracks for marbles, to the perfect shot during a water polo match, from the notes on architectural history to the drafting of the project - has been and still is my polar star for the achievement of full satisfaction and happiness.

Andrea Molina

After years of activity as a manager of numerous projects, both as a general contractor and as a total contractor and general planner, I can say that I have achieved a high level of competence and that I am a complete architect and manager, recognised as a serious, competent professional who is able to collaborate and lead interdisciplinary teams.

Stefano Folli

I have been a professional for over twenty years in the field of architectural design and interior design, dividing my time between Italy and Switzerland and collaborating with important design studios to create projects in the residential, retail and business sectors. I always aim to generate concrete benefits and advantages for my clients, who are the people around whom a "responsible" project is built.

Edoardo Arlanch

I grew up professionally with this axiom, thanks to Prof. Arch. Bruno Zevi, well imprinted in my mind: knowledge is the pivotal concept of good design, be it architectural, rather than structural or environmental or design. I believe in sharing values and objectives, a conviction that I have instilled in my son and that allows us to combine our guiding principles to collaborate at different scales with other professionals and always to amaze our clients

Alice Bottelli

Architecture is in the detail. I am convinced that attention to detail is to be paid to every scale of architecture, from the interior to the design of the urban space. Introducing carefully studied elements and details is what can make a project recognizable, distinguishable and unique. This is what I try to apply both professionally and academically.

Pierluigi di Giacomo

Since 2011, I have successfully launched, together with my colleague Tommaso Raffa, my architecture and interior design studio, Wisp Architects, giving voice to all my passion for design and exploiting all my previous experiences on my own projects and clients.

Giuseppe Ferri

I am a versatile, involved and punctual architect, who aims to respect the timing of the construction site and the synergies related to the relationship between companies and clients, succeeding in positioning myself as a point of reference for both thanks to my profound knowledge of the subject of the construction site.

Giuseppe Joi Donati

The very essence of my work for me lies in the construction process. The construction site, the place of making, the place where details and drawings become reality. In this phase the "symphony" becomes concrete, what has been thought, designed and drawn takes shape. The direction of the work lies in coordinating the roles of the actors, just as a conductor must calibrate the performances and direct the operations to achieve a perfect performance.

Andreas Dürr

My professional life is a journey guided by a passion for architecture, a symphony where each note is the pursuit of beauty and functionality. I delve into the thorough exploration of every facet related to architecture: from urban complexities to the financial and commercial challenges interwoven in the fabric of construction and urbanization.

Tommaso Raffa

The passion for architecture has accompanied me since I was a child, and the thesis for the completion of compulsory schooling already dealt with the architecture and urban planning of the neighbourhood where I lived. This passion, and the professional experience acquired over the years, now applies to my own projects and clients.

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