Adidas Trading Office Switzerland

D4 Square One Root

Following an invited design competition, JOP have been awarded to design the new Adidas Trading Office Switzerland. The concept which has been further developed in close collaboration with the Adidas design department based in the German headquarter in Herzogenaurach and the local team is combining both the core values of Adidas as being a design and sports brand and the Swiss local elements.

These aspects can be either found in the choice of finishes and the use of materials. There is a clear focus on real and handcrafted materials mixed with brand specific graphics, developed in collaboration by a graphic design agency.

The space is formed around a central social area which is nicknamed “the heart zone” with the reception, lounge areas, the sports hall and the breakout hub offering plenty of work place opportunities. Further the space includes open plan areas defined by Chalet meeting rooms a phone rooms.

JOP has been forming the general planner team including all design disciplines.

Project teamFrank Herzog
Maria Vriz
Ana Cavaco
Amparo Gasco
Dimension1’650 m2
PhasesProject and Realization, all phases excluding project management, cost management and site management (Generalcontractor).
Strong pointsUnique client specific design language demonstrating Adidas’ values incorporating graphic design concepts in collaboration with a graphic design agency.