Confidential International Rating Agency

Zurich, Svizzera

An international rating agency has moved their Zurich office right into the historic center of Zurich near Central. JOP has designed the new space including a reception area, meeting rooms, phone rooms, a breakout space, collaborative spaces and openspace areas.

The overall concept is to create “a lush landscape” taking the sustainability background of the business unit into account. The concept is inspired by a painting from Henry Rousseau which reflects his imagining of a “wild environment” translated into the urban space and a natural material selection. JOP has been forming the General Planer team, including construction, cost and site management.

Project TeamFrank Herzog
Christoph Jost
Federico Cecere
Amparo Gasco
Michael Stejskal
Dimension750 m2
% deviation from the estimate -4%
PhasesProject and Realization, all phases including project management, cost management and site management
Strong pointsDevelopment of a unique design language within the international organization to represent a newly acquired department.

Quick turnaround time within a limited budget.