New Secondary school - Meyrin

Meyrin - CH

Education, greenery and culture.

Briefly, this is the project request for the competition of the construction of a new secondary school II (SQII), combined with a sports complex and common facilities.

The project covers an area of 3 hectares with the aim of inserting, in a currently green area, a complex of buildings linked to education and culture capable of becoming a pole of integration to be experienced by the community of Meyrin at any time of day. Starting in the morning with the school and related activities, continuing in the afternoon with the library and gymnasium activities and ending in the evening with the theatre and restaurant.

The project is developed with a concept of linearity, creating two blocks where all the activities necessary to develop community growth and urban aggregation, i.e. education, sport and culture, can be found.

In the centre, a promenade links the surrounding area without separating it from its context, but embracing it with crossings and connections to the outside, thus connecting it to the context in which this project is placed.

PROJECT TEAMArch. Andrea Arlanch
Arch. Alice Bottelli
Arch. Pierluigi Di Giacomo
Arch. Giuseppe Joi Donati
Arch. Stefano Folli
Arch. Andrea Molina
Arch. Tommaso Raffa

TYPOLOGYResidential - Interior Design
DIMENSION35'700 m²
PHASESConcept Design
PROJECTS’ STRONG POINTThe strong themes to which our project wants to give answers are the inclusion in the built environment and landscape of the city of Meyrin. The architectural quality of a project of such a wide dimension. The social integration between the community and the school through the permeability of functions that become accessible to all and the respect of the concept of energy and economic efficiency.