Abito Merlata

Milano - IT

The attitude, which has directed the design phase, has been to move in assonance with the general planivolumetric setting proposed in the Intervention Programme, redefining the volumes in accordance with the design guidelines, respecting the constraints of height, alignment and general morphological prescriptions. It was preferred to proceed with adjustments and modifications, merging some buildings in line and defining of symbolic tower elements.

TEAM Arch. Alice Bottelli - DBmLab Architects
Arch. Giuseppe Joi Donati - DBmLab Architects
Stefano Antonelli - Architettura e design
Consultants: Marco Elosio Radaelli (structures) - LAvinia Chiara Tagliabue (M.E.P. and sustainability) - Claudio SAmmarchi (firefighting)
TYPOLOGYResidential - Competition
DIMENSION30'900 m²
PHASESConcept Design
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTEnergy class A building
PROJECTS’ STRONG POINTCost optimization: use of a dry construction system that allows to reduce costs and construction times and guarantees high construction standards