Bemol Petrol Station - Viteazul

Chisinau - MD

The design of the new Viteazul service station, located in the centre of Chisinau in Moldova, is based on the concept of revolutionizing the aesthetics and functionality of Bemol brand service stations in this country. Our idea was to create a place where the customer, passing through to refuel, would want to stop and stay longer to appreciate the services of the bar instead of the usual short usage that characterizes this category of buildings. In order to obtain a warm and welcoming place we decided to mix some of the stylistic parameters of service stations with those typical of houses, conceptually characterised by a large roof that welcomes and protects the "guests ". We opted for warm colours and materials in order to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

Elements such as iron, large windows obtained from car workshops, the façade with exposed bricks, the large and protruding roof become a point of reference and emphasise the "housing " character of the building. To confirm that the architecture has achieved its purpose, a short time after the opening, our client confirmed that many people go there even just to attend the bar or the market

PROJECT TEAM Arch. Pierluigi Di Giacomo - Wisp Architects
Tommaso Raffa - Wisp Architects
Daniela Bleve - Wisp Architects
Alice Ghizzoni - Wisp Architects
Elena Piona - Wisp Architects
TYPOLOGYCommerciale - Retail
PHASESConcept Design - Esecutivi - Project Management - Direzione Lavori