Covering for the Verona Arena

Verona - IT

Covering a building means designing a building. Designing the roof of a monument means transforming it. Designing the roof of the Verona Arena means redesigning the Arena in its overall image, as the figure it will have will be reflected in the image of Bra Square as a whole. The design of a retractable covering to protect, increase its use and preserve one of the largest amphitheatres of the Roman era is based on the idea that the Arena's roof should be as close as possible to that which the original building would have had in its entirety.

PROJECT TEAMArch. Alice Bottelli - DBmLab Architects
Arch. Giuseppe Joi Donati - DBmLab Architects
Stefano Antonelli architettura e design
Faces Engineering
Carola Gentilini
Consultants: Pier Federico Caliari (museography), Astrapto light designers (illuminating engineering)
TYPOLOGYAccommodation – Competition
DIMENSION11'969 m²
PHASESConcept Design
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTEnergy class A building
PROJECTS’ STRONG POINTThe use of a high technological component to guarantee flexibility in the use of the covering