Riqualificazione Urbana della Strelka

Novgorod - RU

The masterplan project started from the study of the urban form of Nizhny Novgorod, considering the importance of the Strelka area in its historical development.

The public spaces are articulated around an artificial hill/anphytheatre that includes sports activities, commercial spaces and services, all hypogeal, the new hotel/lighthouse on the tip of the Strelka and the dachas and kiosks along the banks of the river.

The existing pavilions will be restored and, like those emerging from the hill, converted into offices.

PROJECT TEAM Arch. Alice Bottelli - DBmLab Architects
Arch. Giuseppe Joi Donati - DBmLab Architects
Arch. Massimo Bellotti
Arch. Mikhail Dutsev
Arch. Pier Federico Caliari
Arch. Carola Gentilini
Arch. Claudio Fazzini
Arch. Ida Lia Russo
Arch. Florin Dan Andresan
TYPOLOGYAccommodation Area
DIMENSION500’000 m²
PHASESConcept Design
PROJECTS’ STRONG POINTUtmost integration between architecture and landscape