Italian Pavilion Expo 2015

Milano - IT

The concept of Palazzo Italia identifies the Tree of Life as the central icon and the generating and morphogenetic element of the space and its composition. The "Tree of Life" takes on the role of a spatial, technological and distributive apparatus as well as a metaphorical meaning referring to the contribution that Italy and its culture have made to the global development of Western history, and beyond. In the project, the "Tree of Life" activates a spatial and morphological dialectic between itself and the volume containing it, with which it is integrated and proposed in the architectural type of the "basilica". The theme of the square is declined in a meaning that recalls again the history of the cities of Italy, their architecture in relation to the geographical singularity of our country, significantly related to the sea, often built by squares open on the water and marked by this condition.

PROJECT TEAMArch. Alice Bottelli - DBmLab Architects
Arch. Giuseppe Joi Donati - DBmLab Architects
Caputo Partnership s.r.l.
Arup Italia
Arch. Maurizio Petronio
Studio Giorgetta (landscape)
AFC Antonio Corbo, Studio Castiglioni (lighting)
Pininfarina Extra
Consultants: Studio Azzurro, Philippe Daverio, Massimo Negri
TYPOLOGYAccommodation - Competition
DIMENSION23'450 m²
PHASESConcept Design
COST OPTIMIZATIONUse of a dry construction system that reduces costs and construction times and guarantees high construction standards
PROJECTS’ STRONG POINTHigh flexibility of the building to ensure future conversion to new uses