Parma - IT

The design idea was not formalized starting from the design of the bridge, intended as an infrastructural and engineering artefact, but from the intention to give the whole area of intervention a new overall urban design. A design capable of dialoguing with the pre-existing historical buildings, to systemize the current and future routes and to redevelop with strong recognition of the two banks at the nodal points of intersection with the pedestrian bridge.
The deeply different physical and urban context that lies beyond the tree-lined curtain walls bordering the Baganza River is reflected in the morphological diversification of the banks in the project area: the green bank defining the left shore is contrasted to the east by a long retaining wall, partly compromised by the overflow.
The project therefore seeks to give substance to these differences, which become dynamic a-symmetries, evident both in the profile of the new bridge and in the bank arrangements, where a design with a strong urban character reorganises the intersection between the cycle tracks and the crossing of the watercourse.

PROJECT TEAM Arch. Andrea Arlanch
Arch. Matteo Barbieri
TYPOLOGYMaster Plan – Competition
PHASESConcept Design