Construction Company Headquarters

Villa Lagarina (TN) - IT

Proportion in architecture considers the balanced relationships between the elements of a building, their relations with each other and with the totality due to a well-defined geometry.

The project is based on the study of the balance between full and empty volumes, horizontality and verticality, colours and shapes. The office block has a new "skin" made of a ventilated trespa wall, while the warehouse has been restyled in terms of colour and window size.

Particular attention was given to the entrance staircase; its shape, in addition to welcoming visitors, dialogues with the building's sloping corner, creating a relationship between front and drawing.

PROJECT TEAM Ing. Edoardo Arlanch - Arlanch architettura e ingegneria
Arch. Andrea Arlanch - Arlanch architettura e ingegneria
PHASESConcept Design – Design Development – Authorisation Procedure – Tender Package – Site Management – Structures
PROJECTS’ STRONG POINTRenovation based on the study of proportions and colours leading to the creation of a modern and efficient building